Paper Preparation Guidelines

All work presented at ECRIS'14 can be included in the conference proceedings, which will be published at the JACoW website shortly after the workshop.

All contributions must be uploaded via SPMS according to the electronic submission guidelines.

The deadline for the uploading is: Thursday, 28 August, 2014.

JACoW Templates

Contributions to the proceedings must be prepared using the JACoW templates, which have recently been updated and contain more detailed information to help authors submit their work for publication.

Ensure that the template downloaded corresponds to the version of software you are using. Do not transport documents across different platforms e.g. MAC <-> PC or across different versions of Word on the same platform. The templates contain styles which, when applied, will automatically ensure correct typesetting and layout.

Length of Contributions

Contributions may be up to 7 pages regardless of its type.


All bibliographical and web references should be numbered and listed at the end of the paper in a section called “References.” When citing a reference in the text, place the corresponding reference number in square brackets, e.g., [3]. A URL may be included as part of a reference, but its hyperlink should NOT be added. See the templates for a typical example.

Page Numbers

DO NOT number pages. The Editor will enter page numbers for all contributions in the production of the final proceedings.